Aluminum, Magnesium, Brass, Bronze and Zinc alloys.

Air-set and green sand.

Size Tolerances (Typical):

0 to 2" + .010"
2 to 6" + .015"
6 to 9" + .020"
9 to 12" + .035"
Over 12" add + .075" + .001 /in.
per additional inch

*(Add .010" across parting lines)

0 to 50mm + .15mm
50 to 150mm + .25mm
150 to 250mm + .30mm
250 to 300mm + .40mm
Over 300mm + .0014mm
per additional mm

*(Add .25mm across parting lines)

Angular tolerance is + 1/2° (Note: APC processes may permit closer tolerances if required. Consult APC Engineering Department.)

Flatness & Straightness:
0-1" (0-25mm) .005 T.I.R. Add .002 T.I.R. for each additional inch (mm).

Minimum Radius & Fillets:

Wall Thickness:
Optimum is .125" or larger depending on the size of the part.

From 1/2° to 2°. (Zero draft is possible in specific areas by using cores.)

Surface Finish:
125 rms approximately.

Weight Range:
One ounce to hundreds of pounds.

Holes and Openings:
Normal casting process requires that holes and openings be no deeper than two times hole size and be no smaller than ,250" (8.4mm) diameter.

Stress Relieving/Heat Treating:
As required, per customer specifications.

Non Destructive Testing:
X-Ray and Penatrant inspection is available.

Send us your CAD files or drawings in .PDF format. You will receive quotations within 2-3 days.